Whether your goal is personal or professional growth for you or your team, the 4DQ product offerings are designed to help you learn how to consciously co-create the world you want to see.


4DQ Basic Discovery Questionnaire
This assessment is designed to help you discover where you fall within the four dimensions — Mind, Body, Source, and Digital. It’s an opportunity to explore: what’s out there? What information might help you? What tools do you need to better navigate the digital economy?  


4DQ Discovery Guide
A simple, helpful tool to help you explore the subjects raised in the Questionnaire in more depth and unlock your full potential.

Upon completing the 4DQ Discovery Questionnaire, you’ll be emailed a link to access our Discovery Guide.

Here’s how it works:

  • It’s divided by the four dimensions — Mind, Body, Source, and Digital.

  • Within each of those sections is a set of visible and invisible skills. We provide descriptions of each concept* and a curated list of resources for you to explore. Our goal is to open the door to new topics that are critical to navigating an era of exponential change.

  • As you move through the Discovery Guide, you’ll be given the option to take smaller or bigger steps towards understanding the skills and concepts we’ve laid out. It’s designed to be a reference for you to go back to as often as you need.


4DQ Personal and Team Accelerator
Customized online workshops designed to equip you with curated tools and resources — and the understanding needed to apply them.

Starts September 15, 2019 — click here to learn more and reserve your spot.

A fast-paced, action-packed masterclass offering exposure to cutting-edge behavioral science, leadership skills, mindfulness techniques, and neuroscience-based technologies. The Personal and Team Accelerator empowers an individual or team to find their true purpose, flow, and ability to thrive.

The content of this curated in-person and virtual experience is constantly evolving, co-created by participants and informed by emerging trends. By integrating simple, yet deeply profound methods for success, participants are able to learn how to...

  • ...Discover their true purpose.

  • ...Set short-, medium-, and long-term personal and professional goals.

  • ...Deprogram limiting beliefs or disempowering habits.

  • ...Transform and strengthen their relationships.

  • ...Use mindfulness to reduce stress, improve intuition, and develop resilience.

  • ...Design and implement rapid prototypes and business models.

  • ...Use the latest technology, from team-building apps to project management tools.

  • ...Design rituals, routines, and habits to bring their goals to life

  • ...Design, create, and lead transformative Mastermind Groups.

  • ...Hold themselves (and others) accountable to a Transformer Mindset.

  • ...Find ways to give back and pay-it-forward.


4DQ Organizational Transformation
An exclusive program that includes extensive personalized assessments and leadership coaching for those deeply committed to transformation at any scale. The seeds planted during this work will allow a company to continuously and consciously evolve on their own timeline.

Each of our highly selective engagements is customized to meet the specific goals of our clients. However, the process generally works as follows:

Phase 1

  • You’ll receive a personalized Digital Readiness Survey, to help us better 
understand your needs for both employees and the organization as a whole. 

  • We’ll share a customized 4DQ Assessment — meant for both teams and individual employees — to begin the Digital Quotient discovery process.

Phase 2

  • We carefully analyze and consolidate both the Survey and Assessment results. 

  • Based on those results, we will work together with your designated stakeholders 
to design specialized foundational workshops 

Phase 3

  • We will deliver the following:

    • In-Person Workshops

    • 1:1 Coaching

    • Mastermind Mentorship Groups

    • Facilitation and Support

    • Employee Accelerator Programs

    • Team Accelerators Programs

    • Virtual Design and Evaluation Sessions


Individuals, teams, and organizations who have undergone the 4DQ training gain the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to engage in their work with high creativity, productivity, commitment, and enjoyment.

They are able to:

  • Manage and leverage change.

Cultivate a culture of accountability and transparency while at the same time pursuing radical innovative ideas and high ROI and impact projects.

Foster consistent cross-functional communication and collaboration.

  • Support the design of a career roadmap for successive years.

  • Identify empowering routines and rituals.

  • Effectively set quarterly goals and action plans.

Identify potential obstacles, and strategies to overcome them.

  • Understand AI, VR, and AR.

  • Adopt responsible and transformative mindsets.

  • Exceed customer, colleague, and personal expectations.

Increase their commitment and influence.