Serendipity brought us together.

We have different backgrounds, skills, and experiences, but we share a core passion: equipping everyone with the necessary skills to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our goal is to share the knowledge and resources you’ll need to build a better future — the very same tools used by the innovators, business leaders, policymakers, creatives, designers, and programmers who are co-creating the new digital economy.

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Rosario Londoño, Co-Creator

Rosario is a systems innovator, executive advisor, speaker, and leadership coach. She is Co-Founder of both the Global Movement League of Intrapreneurs and The Finance, Mindfulness and Technology Lab, as well as Founder of the One4One Accelerator programs. She's an Adjunct Professor at American University and acts as an advisor to organizations like Project X Global, Imperative Fund, Prodigy Networks, Foundation for Commercializing Innovation, The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and CNS GLobal Advisors. Rosario has worked with corporations like Accenture, Citibank, and ITI to help them prepare their workforce for the digital economy.

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Rosario B. Casas, Co-Creator

Rosario is an advocate for women in tech. She is a NYC-based Colombian entrepreneur with over 7 years of hands-on experience in data and technology-driven platforms & C-suite roles. She is the co-founder of VR Americas LLC, a company dedicated to expanding the frontier of immersive technologies — Virtual Reality, Augmented, Mixed - in industrial applications. She is also the Co-Founder of Business Creative Partners, a consulting firm specializing in direct investment operations in Latin America, with a special interest in technology, innovation, and digital business. Rosario is a Big Data Advisory Board Member at Rutgers University and Speaker at TEDx, NAB Show, Augmented World Expo, Steamnista, The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The World Innovation Network TWIN Global, among others. She is a novice Java, Android & Python developer.

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Michael Landers, Co-Creator

Michael is the Founder of Culture Crossing, LLC, a global consulting organization dedicated to finding innovative solutions for groups and individuals working in challenging global conditions. His work focuses on providing clients with the necessary tools to help them achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and navigate the complexities of global business with savvy and style. For the past 15 years, Michael has been designing and facilitating programs for global executives and managers on leadership and coaching, cross-cultural communication, team building, innovation, strategic thinking, and motivation and engagement.



We have over 60 years of collective experience working, learning, and growing with some of the world’s most incredible individuals and organizations.


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